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Here are some of the artists that are playing Dudley Violins or Guitars and what they have to say. There are also some links to other music sites.

Darol AngerDarol Anger

Darol Anger is certainly one of the most influential violin players in the world today. His style and teaching methods are used by so great players of our time.

Darol Anger is playing a Dudley 5 string that Barry nicknamed "Frankenstein" as he was making the violin.

Tania Elizabeth

Oriol Sana

Oriol lives in Barcelona, Spain and is a phenomenal violinist. He plays many styles but is classically trained. Oriol and "The Barcelona Bluegrass Band" have a new CD out and Oriol used the 5 string I made for him to record the whole thing. If you Google Barcelona Bluegrass Band you can hear and download the great music! Oriol is also with the "Folkincats" which is a great jazzy flamenco group.

"My new violin made by Barry Dudley is sincerely fantastic and using Bubinga wood was just right for this five-string instrument. It has the sound of a vintage violin while the close spacing of the strings makes it very easy to play. Much more than just an instrument for fiddle tunes, I use it for classical and contemporary music as well as flamenco. The fifth string gives me a broader spectrum for improvisation and, of course, I couldn't play viola parts with my four-string violin. Having the extra string also allows for more sympathetic resonance making the G string more powerful than it would be on a four-string violin. I can't put it down and what's more, it's such a beautiful instrument. Communicating with Barry Dudley by telephone was a treat and more than enough for him to understand what I needed from a violin and just how I wanted every detail. I recommend Barry straight away to any and all demanding violinists that want an instrument with an ample and quick-responding sound." " - Oriol Sana

Bobby HicksBobby Hicks

Bobby Hicks, winner of 10 Grammys and has three Gold Records and one Platinum. Bobby was inducted into the "Fiddlers Hall of Fame" in 2002.He has also been at the Grand Ole Opry for 58 years. Bobby has played with Legends like Bill Monroe and Ricky Skaggs.

Bobby is playing a Dudley 5 string along with his beloved "Golden Boy".

Tania Elizabeth

Shane Guse’

Shane is playing a Bubinga 5 string violin I made for him. Currently touring with multiple JUNO and CCMA winner and Canadian country star, George Canyon. Also touring with rising Canadian star Jason Blaine and a highly active session player. Shane and George Canyon have just come off tour with Alan Jackson and are about to go out with Brooks & Dunn for their "Last Rodeo" tour.

Shane won the 2010 Canadian Country Music Association for Fiddle Player of the Year. He has also appeared in many TV specials… Hamburger Helper Hometown Hero With George Canyon 2007, Canadian Country Music Awards 2009 with George Canyon, CMT on Tour with Jason Blaine, Tara Oram, and The Higgins 2009 and Christmas in Whistler with George Canyon, Aaron Prichett and Jesse Farrel 2009

As you can see, Shane knows his way around a fiddle!

Here is what he said about his Dudley 5 string…

“I have always wanted a good 5 string fiddle, but could never find an instrument that was the right fit for me. Then I found Barry Dudley. Up until recently I had played the same acoustic fiddle for 20 years! Always looking, I could never find a fiddle that had the sound I wanted 'and' was a 5 string. Hesitant to buy an instrument I had never touched, I corresponded with Barry for months before actually making my order. He always answered my questions and never pressured me to buy. Being the cautious consumer, I did a lot of checking up on Barry and his fiddles. After reading many reviews, listening to sound clips and talking with several Dudley 5-string owners, I was convinced!!

Barry did not disappoint. He talked with me even more extensively about what exactly I wanted in a fiddle. Together we determined every detail of the fiddle that was being built for me, from choice of wood (African Bubinga), finish, pick up and peg choices and even what type of strings I would like it strung with. When it arrived it was beautiful and ready to walk right on stage. In fact I played it on a gig the very night I got.

This fiddle has a tremendous rich full sound and plays easily. It is shocking to me how a brand new fiddle can be so powerful, and it just keeps getting better the more I play it. The tone is even and smooth. It has the "sound" I had been looking for and yet with even more complex harmonics and overtones. Not only does it sound great acoustically, but I have never had a fiddle sound so good with a pick up. A unique and beautiful instrument, my Dudley 5 string has become my number one fiddle and I look forward to playing it for years to come.“ -Shane Guse

Tania Elizabeth

Tania Elizabeth

Tania Elizabeth is one of the most energetic and talented fiddlers on the music scene today. The Grammy nominated Duhks have a very unique blend of Bluegrass, Celtic and Rock that will rock you back on your heels! Tania's Dudley 5-string turned out better than I expected. Tania is in the studio making a new CD using her new Dudley 5-string!

“After years of making do with the same fiddle since I was 9 years old, I have finally upgraded in a big way. The biggest difference in my musical life has been my new 5-string fiddle, built by Barry Dudley. I can't even begin to explain how much I love this instrument, but I'll try!  
Several months back, Barry had approached me about building a custom fiddle, and we started a dialogue about what we both liked in fiddles (balanced, big, slightly dark sound), and how creative we wanted him to get (very). Barry built the back, sides and neck out of Bubinga, an African wood often used by luthiers for harps and bass guitars. It has been used in high-end drum shells as well, but I have never heard of it being used in violins or violas.  
I have been so impressed by this fiddle – I've done several studio sessions now since picking it up a few months ago, and there are a couple of things that I've noticed. 
Usually when fiddles/violins are new, they lack depth and balance – they sound immature and are often unusable for recording for several years until they round out a bit. This fiddle sounded great from the moment I started to play it, and as it matures I am starting to get a sense of just how fantastic it's going to be in 5, 10, 25 years from now. I have officially demoted my beautiful sounding, reliable 110 year-old fiddle/violin that I've had since I was 9 to "second fiddle" (ha-ha) in favor of this 9 month old baby monster.
The overtones that I'm getting on this fiddle are unlike anything I've ever observed or experienced on any other fiddle. It can sound like an electric guitar when played close to the bridge with light pressure with the left hand and fluctuating pressure on the right hand. Played more classically, it has a wonderfully rich, expansive tone that can be orchestral sounding or more directed, depending on how you choose to play. I've had so much fun layering string parts in the studio.”

“Barry's innovation and dedication to his craft are consistently producing high-quality stringed instruments that I would recommend to anyone looking to diversify their sound and expand their tonal range.” - Tania Elizabeth

Tania Elizabeth

Christian Sedelmyer

Over the past 8 years, Christian Sedelmyer has become one of the most in-demand fiddle players in Nashville. He has recorded or performed with Emmylou Harris, Vince Gill, Jerry Douglas, Kacey Musgraves, Darrell Scott, Tim O'Brien, Buddy Miller, Jim Lauderdale, Peter Rowan, Steve Earle, Alison Brown, and The Indigo Girls. In early 2012, he started the band 10 String Symphony with fellow fiddle player, vocalist and clawhammer banjo player Rachel Baiman. Their latest release, Weight Of The World (Oct. 2015) reached #3 on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts, and was featured on NPR's All Songs Considered. Christian joined the band of 14-time Grammy winning dobro master Jerry Douglas in the summer of 2014. This setting particularly provides an incredible pallet for Christian's improvisational prowess. He plays a Barry Dudley 5 string violin that he's nicknamed Reese's for its contrasting brown and orange color scheme.

"When I was searching for a new violin in 2011, I probably tried 30 or 40 over the course of several months. My goal was to find one that had a warm tone, with more depth and darkness than my current instrument. When I met Barry at IBMA, I played all of the fiddles he had there and was particularly drawn to this one - with a spruce top and rosewood back and sides. I kept coming back to play it over the course of the week and eventually pulled the trigger. I'm incredibly happy I did. The violin was brand new then, and has really opened up over the past few years. An unfortunate accident late in 2015 brought Barry to the rescue, and I couldn't recommend his helpfulness and sensitivity throughout that process more. He did a great job on the repair, and my fiddle is now back, better than ever. Highly recommend!" -Christian Sedelmyer, 5 string violin

David BlackmonDavid Blackmon

David Blackmon has played with such greats as Jerry Reed, Randy Travis, Driving and Crying, Collective Soul and the Allman Brothers to name a few. To say he is “A Monster“ is an understatement! David used a Dudley 4-string to record their new album “Faces“. He is currently playing a Dudley 5-string.

Not only is David a valued customer, he has become a true friend!

“I just received my 5-string fiddle made by Barry Dudley. The fiddle turned out fabulous!!! I would highly recommend Barry Dudley to anybody who wants a killer 5-string fiddle. I have spent a lot of money on fiddles throughout the years and this one has THE SOUND I have been looking for. He seems to be able to do anything with wood. ” - David Blackmon

Dave Reiner

Dave plays and teaches bluegrass, old-time, Irish, and swing in the Boston area. Twice Wisconsin State Fiddle Champion, he's also won many Northeastern contests and has written three fiddle instruction books for Mel Bay Publications: Old-time Fiddling Across America (with Pete Anick), Anthology of Fiddle Styles, and Anthology of Jazz Violin Styles (with Glenn Asch). He's composed a number of excellent tunes, including Canyon Jig, Out the Window, Dave's Bulgar, New Road to Sligo, and Slider's Reel (which has been recorded several times and even played at the White House).

“My Barry Dudley 5-string has a smooth, full, rich tone, from growly lows to clear and mellow highs. It looks beautiful and plays easily, with quick response across all five strings. I love being able to go down an extra octave on fiddle tunes like Panhandle Rag, and it's a thrill to descend into those resonant low double stops to back up a singer. Barry was great to work with and I have high respect for his craftsmanship and knowledge. ” - Dave Reiner

Patrick Daly, Dublin Ireland

Patrick Daly is a composer, educator and fiddle player form Dublin, a graduate of the Masters Degree in music and media technology from Trinity College Dublin. I encouraged Patrick to give me more information about himself but he is too modest! Not only is he a great musician but a really nice guy.

"Barry, I am so thrilled with this violin, it sounds amazing. Powerful and with full warm tone, the balance across the strings is perfect, it feels really great to play, thank you so much!" - Patrick Daly

Jessie BurnsJessie Burns

Jessie Burns is an extremely talented Celtic fiddler touring Europe playing with a group signed with Columbia Records. Jessie is playing a Dudley 5-String!

Lindsey PruettLindsey Pruett

Lyndsay Pruett is a young and extremely versatile violinist. She lives in Nashville, TN and plays in numerous projects including Futureman's Black Mozart Ensemble., Lindsey is also a sessions player and used her Dudley 5 string to record the title track for the James Bond movie, Quantum of Solice. Lyndsay graduated from Belmont University with a major in Commercial Violin Performance and is now among the few young string players in Nashville who are doing sessions and various gigs around town. She loves her new Dudley fiddle because it has expanded her voice and vocabulary into a new range that is delightful to her musical sensibility.

“I can't believe how big the resonance and power is on this fiddle so early , it sounds soooooo great plugged in ! - Lyndsay Pruitt


International Bluegrass Music Assoc., IBMA

Five Feathers Music – If you ever wished you had a back up band you could just put in the CD player and play the lead parts, this is the site for you. Marvin Taylor has created “Band in the Pocket”. A series of CD’s of different styles, blues, jazz etc.

Check this site out! Chris Haige has this site that showcases all types of Jazz Fiddle information from around the world.

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